Our Values


AVLA is governed by strict policies that emphasize efficiency, accountability and compliance with national and international legislation on CMOs. These policies are published on our website, along with our results. Our annual and transparency reports are made available for anyone to consult.

Our core purpose is to make sure that the rights-holders who mandate us to represent them – individuals and companies – receive the royalties they are owed. We are under the scrutiny of our members, a supervisory board, external auditors and public authorities.


AVLA strives to apply a user-friendly commercial policy and fair tariffs that guarantee an adequate remuneration for the rightsholders without unduly burdening hospitality sector operators.

We set our fees using simple, objective and non-discriminatory criteria that are commonly used in the UK, such as number of rooms and size of public areas. This approach is intended to make our pricing scheme easy to understand, comparable and practical. Our tariffs are published on our website.

Our model is also designed to be flexible, accommodating the needs and characteristics of establishments of all shapes and sizes – from a small coastal guesthouse open just a few months a year to a multinational chain of hotels operating in big cities all year round. In addition, AVLA offers various discounts and concessions.

Supporting the creative community

When you take out the AVLA licence, you are directly helping to maintain a vibrant audiovisual sector, in the UK and beyond. The royalties we collect help to finance the production of new films, series, documentaries and other TV shows, and to sustain tens of thousands of workers and companies involved in the process.

Almost all of the licence fees you pay are passed on to the rights-holders we represent. For example, for films, the royalties will go to the production company that financed and distributed it, the screenwriters and actors, the director, and the people who designed the logo and posters.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we retain only a small portion of these revenues to cover our operating costs. And because we are a member-led organisation, these costs are strictly controlled.

At your service

At AVLA, we understand the realities and concerns of the UK hospitality sector, which is why we strive to offer a flexible, reasonable and practical licence. We also want to make licensing a quick, easy and hassle-free process.